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Product Description

  Product Name Glibe Lamp Garland
  Material PVC/Rubber
  Power 3W/5W/10W
  Voltage DC110V/220V
  Type of Lamp-house LED Lamp-house
  Style Decoration


Our products have passed RoHS certification. The lamp belt is made of the latest rubber material. The bulb shell is made of the best PVC material, waterproof and dustproof. High quality, durable, environmental protection and energy saving.

Copper lamp holder, fit perfectly with bulb, safe and durable. A variety light bulb colors are available.

The hole plug with safety and leakage proof, passed GB2099 and IEC60884 certification, will not break, strong and durable, better than the ordinary plug on the market.


After the arrival of the goods, you can freelyassemble the bullb in each lamp holder accordingto your wishes, plug in the power to
light the bulb,at the same time you can turn on the WIFI, connect the bulb, through your hand to adjust thelight of the bulb,
speed, switch, easy to use

LED festoon lightsLED festoon lightsLED festoon lights

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