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Welcome to our booth at coming Spring Canton Fair 2012
Time:2013-05-21 16:46:44

Every year when April coming, the Spring Canton Fair is near. Every time when we talk about Festalight, 'Innovation' comes into our mind.
We launch lots of new products each fair, we strive to low the cost for customer, we have strict internal QC to control the quality, what we know is that all these things are the responsibility for a supplier, and what we know more is that all the work we do is far from prefect. To be a valuable supplier, the key point is to make your sale more effective, this is the aim we are pursuing and you will find it below.
Now please come with us to enjoy the Canton Fair in advance and please note that our booth No. is still






Phase 1.
Booth no. 12.2.G06-07
Time:  April.15th to 19th


 Phase 2.
Booth no.:  11.1A14-15
Time:  April 23th to 27th

We will await your visiting at any time.

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