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+ LED 彩虹管系列



2-wires round LED rope light(vertical) ,? 2-wires round LED?rope light(Horizontal), 3-wires LED rope light(Horizontal), Flat 2-wires LED rope light, Flat 3-wires LED rope light, Flat 4-wires LED rope light...

For decorating the outline of the buildings, and also widely used for making active signs, decorating the streets, the parks, the shops, the pubs, stages or any special vents etc.


Clear tube, combination of?LED?color---
Cold White, Warm White, ?Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, pink or RGB or Multi color, etc


The technical parameter:

The technical parameter:
1. Working voltage: 12v-240v AC
2. Max. wattage(2wires): 1.44W/m for the lamp in Red, Yellow, Orange, Yellowish Green; 2.52W/m for the lamp in Green, Blue, White, Purple
3. Working temperature: -40℃—— +75℃
4. Outer diameter: Φ13mm,Φ16mm, or flat
5. Outer color: clear or colorful
6. Life of LED: 80,000 hours
7. Protective grade: IP65
8. Inner using of Φ3 or Φ5 LED
9. Length could be extended as per customer’s need
10. Regulations: IEC928/929/598

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